Collaborate with us
How to collaborate with Eni

Eni collaborates with a network of ethically, professionally and environmentally reliable and sustainable suppliers, guaranteeing equal treatment through transparent, impartial, coherent and non-discriminatory behavior.

Discover the process through which Eni selects its partners:

The application process depends on the type of opportunity you selected:

  • If you want to apply for an Innovation Match, see the related form for specific instructions on how to participate.

  • If you want to respond to a Tender Notice, you will find all the information needed in the specific tender notice. You can see all the currently active Tender Notices here.

  • To apply for specific Commodity Codes, also related to a Qualification Notice, you have to:
    • Access your Private Area in eniSpace with your credentials. If you don’t have any credentials yet, please register to apply
    • Select the Eni Company you want to apply to. (If you operate in Italy or internationally, you can apply to Eni Spa; if you are a supplier that only works locally abroad, please apply to our subsidiary in the country of your interest)
    • Select the Commodity Code you are interested in
    • Add your company data to complete the application
    • Add other information and documents required.

Eni gives priority to applications for Open Opportunities. Applications for Other Opportunities are normally taken into consideration in the event of new needs. In this case, Eni will contact you for possible updates or further details on your company.
In case of a negative result, you will still receive a feedback from Eni.
If your application is positive, you will access the Qualification phase.


In this phase you will have to provide data and documentation relating to HSE-Q management, technical, know-how, organizational, economic-financial, sustainability, compliance and reputational ethical reliability aspects. Eni Vendor Management Unit, in collaboration with Technical Units and HSE-Q will evaluate the information you provided through documentary analysis and, if necessary, also through on-site checks at your plants / offices / construction sites.

The assessment methods are defined in accordance with the level of risk (Criticality) associated with the Product Categories involved in the process or by any in-depth needs that emerged during the assessment.

The level of risk associated with the Commodity Codes is based on:

  • Business criticality - technical and compliance complexity
  • HSE criticality - critical issues relating to Safety and the Environment

 Both elements guide the insights and specific aspects evaluated by the multidisciplinary team involved in the qualification process.

The assessments carried out lead to an outcome accompanied, when necessary, by an Improvement Plan in order to make Suppliers develop.

To partially cover the internal costs incurred by Eni to carry out the Supplier Qualification and Development process, you will be asked for a Contribution whose amount is calculated on the basis of the risk level of the relevant Commodity Code (click here for details).

The outcome of the process (and in general your qualification status) is available in "My Qualifications" section of your Private Area.


If the Qualification process ends positively, you will become part of Eni Suppliers lists. From now on, you will be eligible for invitation to tenders, according to your business areas and requirements (note that applications and Qualification do not guarantee any commercial agreement with Eni).

The Qualification has a limited time validity!

Remember to periodically check it by accessing your Private Area in My Qualifications section. When the Qualification expires, Eni might or might not extend it, depending on business priorities.