Training and Initiatives

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Are you willing to grow along with Eni and create value for yourself and for the market?

At Eni training has a fundamental role for the continuous development of internal compentecies and of those of its suppliers.

For this reason, Eni is developing a series of specific events and of e-learning courses that give the possibility to share the enterprise culture values.

Check out our current initiatives and training proposals.

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Safety & Environment Day

Eni has always promoted a safety culture to improve the prevention of occupational accidents and the environment safeguarding as an essential part of a sustainable development.

In order to spread these values, Eni launched the Safety & Environment Day, a day entirely dedicated to the company and its people’s behaviour and action in the fields of safety and environmental protection.

This initiative is backed by the Environment Award and the Safety Award that were created to bestow operational realities that have achieved excellent results in these areas.


Green Sourcing

Eni is developing a “green” supply chain management model. We started informing our suppliers about the need that they, too, adopt business approaches aimed at protecting the environment. This will give the possibility in the next years to implement procurement strategies that will encourage the use of suppliers who offer products and services with the minor environmental impact. Some initiatives have already been completed and their results will be used to continuously extend the company’s green sourcing strategies to other business areas to support the Circular Economy and Decarbonization Program Eni is engaged in.

The position regarding the “Green Sourcing”, which reflects the strategy adopted, is available in Eni website.