Protect your payments from ON LINE frauds

July 2019

As press reports, hackers commit many cases of fraud by communicating  to the paying companies, in different ways (including electronic invoices), bank details on which to make payments, not addressed to the real beneficiary. Therefore, banks first recommend to all paying Companies to verify in advance if the bank account is effectively held to the intended beneficiary.

Eni and its subsidiaries are then implementing every action ,  as guarantee, to prevent frauds, and the safest and least impacting operation, both for Eni and for you, consists to  communicate new bank account details, through our Eni eSupplier portal at the following link:, within the specific section "Company information" available in the private area.

If you are not yet registered, in the Eni eSupplier portal area "What Eni eSupplier is and how to join" you can find every useful information, request access credentials as a "Master", activate the authorization to update company records and every other feature of your interest.

Remember that if you communicate new bank details in a different way than recommended above, Eni will explicitly ask you to confirm  you are the real account holder, in order to use it only after receiving your confirmation.

For more information about how to communicate and update bank details, you can send a request to the specific mailbox . Otherwise, to obtain support during the registration on the Eni eSupplier portal, please use the references available in the Contacts section (e-mail address , tel. +39 02 3700 6070).