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Supplier Application to Eni Spa

NEXT PHASE - How can I check the status of my Qualification?

It is not possible to check the status of your qualification on the eSupplier. In order to get information about your qualification status, you need to contact the person indicated in the qualification letter you received at the end of the last completed qualification process.

NEXT PHASE - Is there any cost related to the Qualification Process?

Yes, the cost of the qualification process and the payment conditions will be notified at the beginning of Qualification Process.

NEXT PHASE - How does the qualification process get activated?

In case of positive outcome of the application, the Candidate will be contacted by e-mail at the address indicated in the questionnaire as "Contact person" and a request for documents that are necessary for the qualification process will be made.

NEXT PHASE - How long does it take for the qualification process to start?

In case of positive outcome, the applications are included in the Qualification Plan and processed according to the workload and Eni’s business priorities.

EVALUATION AND APPLICATION OUTCOME - How is the outcome of the Application notified?

No matter if the outcome is positive (acceptance of the Application) or negative (rejection of the Application), an email will be sent to the address indicated in the questionnaire as "Contact person “; in case of negative outcome the reasons of the rejection will be indicated.

EVALUATION AND APPLICATION OUTCOME - Is it possible to check the progress of the application?

Yes, it is possible by logging in with your user name and password.

HOW TO FILL IN THE QUESTIONNAIRE - Geographical areas: which ones to indicate?

It is necessary to indicate the geographical areas in which the Candidate is present in terms of: sales/ manufacturing facilities, supply of goods / services / works in one or more countries belonging to the indicated areas.

HOW TO FILL IN THE QUESTIONNAIRE - Which are the requested references?

Eni requests a detailed description of the activities carried out by the Candidate with its own human and technical resources in the last five years and which are highly relevant for the “Commodity Codes” selected for the application. If the activities are carried out by subcontractors, Temporary Association of Companies or Consortium, you need to specify the role and the specific contribution of each company belonging to the Candidate.

HOW TO FILL IN THE QUESTIONNAIRE - How to choose the activity subject of the application?

First of all the Candidate needs to identify the main activities of its core business for which it has acquired significant expertise and references and it has obtained the necessary authorizations / licenses (if required in order to be able to perform those activities). Then the Candidate needs to identify the corresponding Commodity Classes in the “Eni Commodity Class Tree”.

APPLICATION RECIPIENTS - How to apply for a Eni foreign subsidiary?

Whenever the dedicated subsidiary web portal is available on the Eni e-procurement site (e.g. Eni Angola, Eni Congo and Eni Ghana), the self-application has to be submitted online. For all the other subsidiaries the application has to be submitted directly to the local Vendor Management offices

WHO CAN APPLY - How often can a Company submit a new application?

It is possible to submit a new application:

  • After 18 months from the date of acceptance of the previous application or upon the conclusion of the qualification process possibly in progress
  • After 24 months from the date the previous application was rejected.
WHO CAN APPLY - What kind of Groups of Companies can apply?

Only permanent groups of companies are entitled to apply for the qualification process (e.g. Consortia, Cooperatives). In this case the Candidate needs to fill in the self-application questionnaire with the requested information and data for each Company belonging to the Consortium or Cooperative (i.e. registration info, fiscal data, business activities) whose business activities relate to those of the application.

WHO CAN APPLY - Can a newly established Company apply to become an Eni supplier?

Yes, it can, as long as the Candidate provides at least one full year of Financial Statements, significant direct experiences (reference list) related to the commodity class selected for the application, the necessary authorization (if required by the activity object of the application) and proves to have implemented a corporate internal management system.

EVALUATION AND APPLICATION OUTCOME - How long does it take for the evaluation of the application to be completed?

The applications are assessed according to Eni’s specific procurement needs and/or within the statutory timeframe provided in case of Commodity Codes subject of EU Qualification Notices.

HOW TO FILL IN THE QUESTIONNAIRE - Is it possible to amend the content of the submitted questionnaire?

The system does not allow to amend the documents once they were sent. If necessary, Eni will contact the Candidate to request updates and/or additional documentation.

HOW TO FILL IN THE QUESTIONNAIRE - In the "Management Systems" questionnaire section what do you mean by: a) Total hours worked b) Accidents c) Lost working days
  1. Total hours worked stands for the number of hours worked by all the employees of the company
  2. By accidents at work we mean the fatalities or accidents that occurred at the workplace (excluding those that occurred while commuting from/to home) and caused at least one day of absence in addition to the day of the occurrence of the event.
  3. By lost working days we mean the absence days due to accidents that occurred at the workplace (illness, vacation, etc. are not to be considered)
HOW TO FILL IN THE QUESTIONNAIRE - How many “Commodity Codes” can be selected when submitting the application?

A maximum of two “Commodity Codes” can be selected. If necessary, in case the application was accepted, during the vendor qualification phase Eni will look into the possibility to extend the assessment of the Candidate to additional “Commodity Codes” of mutual interest.

HOW TO FILL IN THE QUESTIONNAIRE - How to identify the Commodity Classes corresponding to the activities object of the Application?

Please see the Commodity Tree and user guide for the Commodity Class identification available on the eSupplier portal

APPLICATION RECIPIENTS - For which companies of the Eni Group are the Application and the possible Qualification Status valid?

The applications and the qualifications referred to Eni are valid for Eni Spa and other Eni Companies like Versalis, Syndial, EniPower, Rage, Enimed, Eniservizi, Eni Corporate University.

Furthermore, based on the Candidate’s profile, Eni checks if the company is to be considered of international rather than local interest; in the latter case, Eni looks into the opportunity to re-direct the application to the relevant foreign subsidiary.

WHO CAN APPLY - Are the certified management systems compulsory so that Eni accepts the applications?

No, certifications are not compulsory, but Eni requires that the Candidate implemented an internal management system in compliance with the related International Norms/ Standards (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001 or other applicable regulations).

WHO CAN APPLY - Can a Company that is already present in Eni’s Qualified Vendor List submit a new Application for other Commodity Classes?

Yes, it is possible to apply for the extension of the qualification status to other Commodity Classes by filling in the self-application questionnaire. Based on the information gathered, Eni will look into the possibility to extend the qualifications already in place or not.

Strong Authentication - How to access to SIA electronic tender system

How can I communicate the mobile number on which to receive the One Time Password (OTP)?

Sending an email to the Service Operations Support, using the same email address used to access to the system, specifying the mobile number on which you want to receive the OTP.

At the end of all activities, the system will send you a confirmation email.

Can the One Time Password (OTP) be requested only by email?

No. It can also be requested via SMS, providing that you previously communicated the mobile number on which to receive it.

How many times can I use the One Time Password (OTP)?

The One Time Password (OTP) can be used just for one access and expires after 10 minutes.

Can I use any browser to access the system?

No. Supported browsers are IE10, IE11 and Mozilla Firefox (for more details see the technical requirements document).

Can I save the link to access to the electronic tender system into “favorites”?

No. The SIA electronic tender system has to be accessed using the portal eSupplier

If I have enabled the reception of the OTP via SMS, can I continue to request the OTP via MAIL?

Yes. By enabling the reception of the OTP via SMS, the user can continue to request the OTP also via MAIL.

Are there any restrictions on the characters composing the email address?

Yes. The email address cannot contain some special characters, such as the apostrophe or the “&”.

Can I request the registration of two Contact Persons with the same e-mail?

No. The email address has to be unique for all the Contact Persons requested, and it has to be different from any other user id “Consumer” already in use.

Why does the system inform me that OTP credentials are in disabled status?

There are several different reasons:

  1. Either an incorrect OTP or an OTP containing blanks after the number, has been entered 5 times
  2. An expired OTP has been entered 5 times. The OTP validity is 10 minutes.
  3. The OTP received via mail or SMS has not been entered in the correct screen.

It is recommended closing the browser, waiting for 10 minutes and re-entering the system, by making a request for a new OTP.


What is "Eni e-Fatt"?

"Eni e-fatt" is the "structured" XML datapath that must be used to send invoices to Eni; the datapath is similar to the one used for the Public Administration, with some minor changes to enable recording of the invoice in Eni's administrative systems. Invoices adhering to the "Eni e-fatt" datapath can also be sent with a qualified or digital electronic signature.

The path information, its differences compared with XML PA, and the completion instructions are available in the "Documentation" section.

Do the invoices need to be digitally signed?

No, but suppliers have the option of sending invoices in accordance with the "Eni e-fatt" datapath with a qualified or digital electronic signature; this option does not apply to any invoices sent in PDF format or by means of online editing.

Invoices sent with a digital signature are filed as such, using the digital storage process better known as electronic storage. Digital storage, an IT procedure governed by Italian law, can guarantee the legal validity of electronic documents over time and make them equivalent, under certain conditions, to paper ones.

The relative details and technical specifications of the process described here are available in the document Technical Specifications for Sending Invoices to the Electronic Invoicing Portal in the "Documentation" section.

What is the ENIFTP service?

The ENIFTP service is a system for data transmission between remote terminals, based on the SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) adopted by Eni to manage the A2A (Application to Application) integration between the systems of counterparties and the Electronic Invoicing Portal.

This transmission channel can be chosen by the supplier as an alternative to the standard channel for invoices involving large volumes of data.

This service allows invoices to be sent in compliance with the technical and safety rules adopted within closed circuits, which identify with certainty the participants and ensure the safety of the channel.

Details relating to the service are available in the document "Technical Specifications for Sending Invoices to the Electronic Invoicing Portal" in the "Document" section. To activate the service, you need to complete the "Activation Form", which is also available in the  Invoicing document section

What features are available in Invoicing Service?

By accessing the Electronic Invoicing Portal, you can:

  • Send invoices to Eni and its subsidiaries in electronic format
  • View the processing status of your invoices in real time
  • View the details of payments made
  • View and request changes to personal data with suitable protection and safeguards.
  • Access notifications relevant to you
Are data quality checks carried out?

For each file received correctly, the Portal carries out a sequence of preparatory checks upon upload and subsequent forwarding to the recipient of the invoice within Eni.

A check is carried out in real time upon uploading the file so that the supplier receives immediate feedback regarding the uploaded invoices or delayed feedback if the ENIFTP service is used.

Failure to pass these checks leads to the scrapping of the file which, consequently, is not forwarded to the invoice recipient.

Details relating to the nature and modality of the checks carried out are available in the document "Technical Specifications for Sending Invoices to the Electronic Invoicing Portal" ,  in the Invoicing document section.

Will I still receive Payment Notifications?

No. As the invoice status information includes information regarding the relative payment, this can be consulted directly in the Invoicing Section on the Portal, in the specific function dedicated to "Remittance Advices Viewing".

In the case of a merger or incorporation of my company, what should I do?

You can request support by sending an email to the address SEGNALAZIONI.FORNITORI@eni.com

Who can I contact about problems?

You can request support by sending an email to the address fatturaelettronica@eni.com

How can I send an invoice to Eni?

Italian suppliers can send invoices to Eni in accordance with a structured datapath (so-called "Eni e-fatt"). In case foreign and Italian suppliers don’t want to use this solution, subject to specific agreement with Eni and still using the specific feature of the Portal,  they can also send a PDF document, accompanied by the necessary and mandatory information to enable recording of the invoice in Eni's accounting systems.

Finally, for suppliers not equipped with services for sending invoices in electronic format, the billing information can be entered manually using the specific online form. Moreover, invoices involving large volumes of data can be sent via a direct transmission channel (SFTP), as an alternative to the standard channel.

The relative details and technical specifications of each method described here are available in the Invoicing document section of the Portal.

Access to Eni eSupplier Portal

Can I use any Internet Browser to access Eni eSupplier portal?

No. Supported browsers to surf the portal are Internet Explorer 11, Chrome 31 or higher, Firefox 38 or higher, Safari 7 or higher.

However, for access to single systems, please refer to specific documents of technical requirements

I do not remember the userid to access the Portal: what can I do?

The userID corresponds to the email address provided during the activation process. In case of need, you may ask for support by sending an email to ebusiness.support@eni.com

What is Eni eSupplier Portal?

Eni eSupplier portal is a web based tool to manage relationships between Eni  Organizations and the suppliers, with a particular focus on procurement and administrative processes 

Why register

Registration to Eni eSupplier portal allows Eni suppliers to exchange documents and necessary information in processes of qualification, tender, contract award, contract management, invoicing with Eni companies

How to register

Every supplier registration to Eni eSupplier portal takes place in two subsequent steps:

  1. Definition of a supplier Master (see also definition)
  2. Activation of single users, to be completed by the master, with specification of suitable profiles

Masters will have to register in the system and provide the requested documentation as specified in the manual “Master Registration”, downloadable from the section “What Eni eSupplier is and how to join” available in the public Home page.

Who is the Master user?

The master is an employee appointed by the supplier legal representative to create userids and assign profiles for all his/her company organization users that have to carry out operational activities in the portal.

I need a new user: what can I do?

If your organization master already exists, you can refer to him/her to have a userid created. Otherwise, it will be necessary to start a registration process for the Master

Are there any restrictions on the characters composing the email address?

Yes. The email address cannot contain some special characters, such as the apostrophe or the “&”.

What can I do if I forget the password associated with my email address?

It is possible to reset the password autonomously using the option “Forgotten password” available in the first screen of authentication; you will receive an email with the initial password that you have to modify at the first access.

My userid is locked: what can I do?

A userid gets locked whenever wrong passwords are inserted for five consecutive times or in case of lack of access to portal over a period longer than 180 days.

If this circumstance occurs, you can contact SERVICE OPERATIONS SUPPORT

(Tel. +39 02 3700 6070 or E-mail: ebusiness.support@eni.com).