What Eni eSupplier is and how to join

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The company philosophy, based on the passion for technological innovation and development, combined with fundamental values such as the respect for people and the safeguard of the environment, is reflected in eSupplier portal.

Technological innovation allows you to manage the profile set easily and to control all your activities with Eni. You can exchange documents with Eni in a secure way: from application and qualification processes, to documents for tender processes, up to invoicing documents transmission.

If you are not an Eni supplier and want to become, register for your application and visit the dedicated section in order to find out useful instructions and information.

If, instead, you are already an Eni supplier, register as Master and you can autonomously manage userids of your company. You will find instructions on how to register to the portal and how to manage userids in the manuals available in the Document Area.


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eSupplier Portal - Master Registration Manual - v.1 - June 2018

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eSupplier Portal - Registration for Application Manual - v.0 - September 2018

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Master User Appointment - June 2018

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