Become Eni supplier or require a qualification extension to other commodity codes

If you want to take part in the network and add value for Eni, choose the Eni Company to address your application to, select the commodity codes of your interest and fill in the questionnaire to tell us how your company works.

If you are a supplier who operates in Italy or at an international level, you can submit your application to Eni Spa; if instead you are a supplier who works abroad only at a local level, send your application to our affiliate in your country.

Introduce your company to us by completing a questionnaire. You can describe what your company does and in which areas you are interested in working with us.

Eni companies assess the applications in detail if related to areas for which they have specific needs, in other words if related to commodity codes object of Qualification Notice and/or to priority commodity codes (for more information on Commodity codes view Commodity tree section).

The applications for other commodity areas are collected in our data base so that they can be taken into consideration when new needs arise; in this case Eni could contact you on any updates and/or further information.

If your application is of interest, during the next vendor qualification phase, Eni will analyse more in detail your company and determine its eligibility to be included in Eni’s Vendor List Register (for further information on the qualification process and related costs see the Qualification section)

We would like to underline that your company's registration to our website does not guarantee any business relationship with Eni.

View the specific documents of the Eni Company of your interest in order to have more details about who can apply and how to do it.

Pour la société Eni Congo, vous trouverez également les instructions en français.

Para a empresa Eni Rovuma Basin - Moçambique encontre as instruções em Português.

Use your current Eni eSupplier Credential to access or find out how to join eSupplier by visiting page What Eni eSupplier is and how to join


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Access historical information

This section is dedicated to access Application information prior to September, the 10th 2018 for companies Eni Spa, Eni Angola, Eni Congo, Eni Ghana and Eni Rovuma Basin – Mozambique.
For such access to historical information, you do not need to login via Eni eSupplier; just use old credentials.

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